Boating and Gaming

After an absence of a couple of months’ sabbatical, largely brought about by a need to save up for a trip to Australia, this  past week I’ve played loads of cracking board games, all in the tranquility of the Norfolk Broads. We set sail laden with a fresh case of wine from Laithwaites, snacks aplenty […]

Legendary Encounters: An Alien Deck Building Game – Review

Following on from their highly successful card game “Legendary” set in the Marvel universe, Upper Deck have now expanded into the Alien franchise with “Legendary Encounters: An Alien Deck Building Game”. Released in 2014, Legendary: Alien allows players to progress through the four main films in the series with each game played representing one of […]

This week CT has played…

It seems like this week has largely been devoted to card games. When I was younger, the only card game of any size on the market was Magic: The Gathering, the grandfather of  Collectible Card Games (CCGs) and perennial dollar-printing machine. Although it didn’t stop me ploughing my pocket money into CCGs at the time, […]

Viticulture: Essential Edition Review

One of my most prized finds at the UK Games Expo 2016 was a copy of Viticulture: Essential Edition by Stonemaier Games. The game has recently gone out of print in the UK and Europe and although no doubt there will be further runs of it, for now it’s impossible to source anywhere other than […]

This week CT has played…

Last week’s gaming log was interrupted by the UK Games Expo up at the NEC, Birmingham. I got to play dozens of games, from published products to early play tests with pieces of cardboard, and found myself in the equivalent of gaming heaven. This week has been one to play some of those new purchases […]

Junior Games

There is a popular trend with some of the biggest board games to produce “junior” versions to enable younger people to play along. In the last year or so, as my daughter turned four, she started taking an interest in playing games. These started out with Orchard Toys‘ offerings: Insey Winsey Spider, the excitingly-named Shopping […]